User FAQ

After you purchase the experience, you will get an e-mail containing the links for each offer. When you are at the location, open the link on your phone or another mobile device. You will need an internet connection to open the links. Once you open the link, show the page to a staff member to complete the redemption process.

The staff member at each location is responsible for entering the code. All you need to do is open the links provided in your e-mail upon arrival at the location. You can only use the code once.

Tudu users are free to make any other purchases they wish to at any of the locations in the experience.

An experience must be used within 1 week of purchase. They are subject to the business’s open hours. Please see the Terms and Conditions for each experience as there may also be additional restrictions on which times are available for Tudu customers to redeem their experience.

You can do the experience in any order you like, though the experience is usually ordered a certain way for a reason by the creator.

Unfortunately, no refunds are available. However, you have the freedom to complete the experience on any day one (1) week from the date of purchase. You are also able to complete the parts of the experience on different days if needed or forward your confirmation e-mail to a friend to complete the experience in your place! Be aware, once your friend uses the links, they will be invalid.

Users should buy only one of each experience. If you like the experience, or one of the activities in the experience, we encourage you to share with your friends, or go do the activity outside of the Tudu experience. If our business partners report that the same people are trying to redeem more than one of the same experience, they have the right to refuse to honour the offer.

You can create an experience which allows you to showcase your favourite places to visit, eat or fun activities in the area. If you are a social media influencer head to our influencer page to see how you can get involved.

Tudu is supporting businesses by creating experiences that showcase local businesses run by community members, families, and people of colour. You can support businesses by supporting them on social media, leaving a good review on tudu, and sharing with your friends!